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takes pride in their work

I have been contracting all my fencing needs out to Naperville Construction Fence Rental for several years now. The company has a very competent staff that takes pride in their work. They have an excellent customer service attitude and are extremely reliable. Top notch individuals that stand behind their work. I have nothing but confidence in their abilities.

Mark • Naperville Builder

best freaking construction fencing company

Best freaking construction fencing company I have ever used.  Pricing and service are both top notch. I would recommend to anyone who has construction fencing needs.

Paul • Burr Ridge Builder

respectful to the neighbors around our projects

NCFR has impressed us over the years with being on schedule and having great communication with us. We even just sent them the plat of survey and they figure the fence layouts all on their own without having to meet them. We never have issues with failing inspections and there always respectful to the neighbors around our projects.

Michael • Chicago Suburbs Home Builder and Remodeling Company

the GO TO subcontractor for Construction Fencing

One of the most critical aspects of construction is quality, presentation and schedule. Naperville Construction Fencing has been part of our team for over 10 years. They are the GO TO subcontractor for Construction Fencing. They have always met our schedule, installed in a professional manner with attention to our site presentation. They have been there quickly for requests. I would always recommend Naperville Construction Fence Rental to be part of your build team.

Design & Build Company in the Chicago Suburbs

job is completed properly and on time

We have been using Naperville Construction Fence Rental for about 5 years and they have always provided service in a prompt and professional manner. Naperville Construction Fence Rental goes out of their way to make sure the job is completed properly and on time.

Pete • High-end Builder in the Western Suburbs

jobs done in a professional manor

NCFR does a great job of getting our jobs done in a professional manor. All of our customers were impressed how quick and neat the process was installed and taken down without any damage to there landscape.

Downers Grove Builder

will do anything they can to help

Naperville Construction Fence Rental is a very responsive company. If you need a fence quickly, they will do anything they can to help accommodate your needs. If there is a problem with a fence they installed, they are on the job fast to help rectify the problem.

John • Naperville Builder

dependable service and competitive prices

Naperville Construction Fence Rental has consistently met our growing needs with dependable service and competitive prices.

Brad • Custom Home Builder

quality, service and value

Naperville Construction Fence Rental has provided all of our construction fencing needs for nearly ten years. We have always been pleased with the quality, service and value they deliver. I highly recommend them!  

Dan • Custom Builder, Downers Grove


a pleasure to work with

I have used Naperville Fence company for the previous 12 years, they are always prompt on any service issues or problems that come up. Chris also does a very good job communicating with his clients to make them aware of any schedule changes or items that should be communicated via a telephone call. I have also had a very positive experience with requesting waivers and invoices from their office staff in general, in short the business is run very professionally and are a pleasure to work with.

Jeff • Naperville Builder

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